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Dental image archiving software

Features in Emago

Here you find a small selection out of the many features of Emago.

Vendor independent

Different x-ray systems

Direct control of the most used dental x-ray systems.

The dentist is free to decide which x-ray system to use or to use multiple x-ray systems from different endors, Without having to buy new software and having to use separate software and database for every sensor system.

Click here for a full list of supported x-ray systems

Import and export

Email window

Emago supports most common image formats including JPEG, TIFF, DICOM, BMP etc.

Images can be acquired directly from digital radiography systems, intraoral cameras, flatbed scanners and video devices.

Images can be shared with other dentists. For instance by email, print or on a CD.

Optimize images

Optimize contast

Emago offers several features to optimize your digital images, including automatic contrast optimization, gamma correction, and a large amount of advanced filters for example for sharpening photos and removing noise.

Furthermore, there are several advanced features such as subtraction, grayscale comparison, geometric reconstruction and user defined filters.


Different templates

In the patient overview, different templates can be selected. These templates are based on the standard cardboard status types that are most commonly used in the dental practice. This makes patient overview look very familiar and easily accessible.

Measuring and annotations

Endo measurement

Emago has advanced measurement functions for length measurements, endo measurements, angle and profile measurements. Emago can also annotate the photos with lines, squares, circles, arrows and text. This can be used to highlight interesting areas in the photo and add notes to the photo.

Drag and drop

Mount image by dragging

Images can be dragged to move them to a different position in the mount, to the Emago desktop to open the image or to several dialog windows like the Print, export and Email dialog windows.

Advanced research tools

Image subtraction

Emago contains advanced research tools like image subtraction, grayscale comparison, geometric reconstruction and user defined filters.

Dental tags can be added to to images to categorize and make the images easier to find. Emago contains an advanced search feature which can be used to find images with specific characteristics.

Color and appearance

Visual design

The Emago interface is highly customizable. Emago fully integrates in the Windows themed style environment. The colors of the main dialogues can be changed to the preference of the user.

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