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New features in Emago 6

Emago 6 has a many new features to make the user experience even faster, easier and more secure!

The items below are a brief description of the new features of Emago that are most noticeable for the user. For a more detailed list of features, information about previous changes and bug fixes, read the release notes.

New features

New Taskbar
Taskbar for direct access to all the opened images and the Patient mount. Images can be dragged from the taskbar, and several other features are available e.g. minimizing or closing all images at once.
Emago taskbar

New Citizen id
Citizen id can be included in a patient's record. When the Citizen id is available for a patient, it is also included on the print outs of images and in emails.

New Dental tags
Add dental tags to images to categorize the images, make them easier to find and search for images with specific characteristics.
Dental tags window

New Image scaling
An image can be scaled by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the image frame with the mouse.

New Print dialog
The Print dialog window is redesigned and now combines the Print and Print setup dialog windows from the previous Emago version. Templates can be created for image arrangements to print.
Print template window

New Patient overview
Patient overview dialog window to view all the patient's images in a list view.

New Deleting images
Delete images dialog window, can be used to delete multiple images of a patient at once.

Improved Context menu commands
Context menu commands can be applied to multiple selected images at once in the Patient mount. E.g. open image, email images, or show and modify image properties.
Emago context menu

User interface

New Free disk space
Free database disk space indicator in the status bar.
Indicator of free diskspace

New Tab order in Patient mount
Order of tabs can be changed in the Patient mount.

New Icons and menu's
All icons in the toolbar and dialog windows are updated, and the menu bar is reorganized.

New List views
List view columns can be hidden or showed, and the order of the columns can be changed.

Improved Showing images from a specific period
Selecting images of a patient that were acquired during a certain time period can be done directly by selecting a period from a drop down list in the Patient mount.

Improved Annotations
New drawing engine for annotations and measurements with improved user interaction and a smoother graphical appearance. Improved precision for measurements. Figures that exist of multiple parts can now be moved with the mouse with all parts at once.

Improved Full screen mode
Images in full screen mode can be zoomed in or out, several options are added in a toolbar. The zoom percentage of the image and the remarks are displayed with the image information. When the controls are hidden also the cursor is hidden.

Productivity & ease of use

New Auto close window
Task dialog windows automatically close when the task is completed (optionally).

New Real size printing
A ruler is printed to indicate the print size when the images are printed in true size or scaled.

New Opening images
Open a stack of images at once in the Patient mount.

Improved User messages
Error messages and informational messages are more clear and descriptive. Error messages inform the user that a problem occurred, explain why it happened, and if possible provide a solution so users can fix the problem.

Improved Restore image
Images can be restored to the raw state or to the pre-calibrated state of the image.
Restore image

Improved Email
It is not needed to fill in a recipient when emailing via the active client anymore. An email address can also be selected from the drop down list with the Tab-key.

Improved Opening patients
When Emago is not attached to a patient management program the Return to PMS button in the toolbar opens the Patient management dialog window from Emago.

Improved Opening images organized
When multiple images are opened at once the images are tiled on the desktop.

Improved Print patient overview
A patient overview can be printed as thumbnails or as text of multiple patients at once.

Improved Synchronize patient
When a patient mount is opened on multiple workstations, changes are syncronized.

Other changes

New Unicode support
Emago is converted to Unicode to support representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.

New CT image template
Patient mount template for 2D CT images.

Improved Logging
Multiple levels of logging can be set-up. It is also possible to log actions of one or more users to the database for trouble shooting and support. New tab for database action logs.

System and database management

New Emago management application
Application for system administrators to create, manage or update an Emago database. All advanced system wide settings can be set-up with this application, e.g. database connection, compression, user and workstation management and others.
Emago manager

For a more detailed list of features, information about previous changes and bug fixes, read the release notes (PDF):

Emago 6.x release notes
Emago 5.x release notes